Mike & Jon in the Morning


Friday, November 17

Ally St. Charles won a 7" layer cake from Marv's Bakery


Monday, November 13
Q: Stats show the average driver will do what 9 times in their life?
A: Lock their keys in their vehicle

Tuesday, November 14
Q: What is the #1 distraction for American workers?
A: Bothersome co-workers

Wednesday, November 15
Q: About 40% of people say they form a negative opinion of someone if they have what?
A: Sweat stains

Thursday, November 16
Q: If you're average, you'll do what 20 times today on average?
A: Open the refrigerator door

Friday, November 17
Q: Research indicates that Thanksgiving dinners are becoming a little shorter because of what?
A: Political differences

Countdown Until: The Incredibles 2


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Here are just some of the world-renowned celebrities that Mike & Jon have run into over the years;

Chelsea's own Jeff Daniels stopped by to play a few tunes

Howell's own Timothy Busfield and Melissa Gilbert came by to chat up their ABC show "Secrets & Lies"

Amanda Bailey from Annabelle Road stopped by to serenade Mike & Jon

Motor City legend Mitch Ryder rocked out Howell's Melon Festival in 2012, but not before Mike & Jon got their moment of fame.

Northville musician Robin Horlock hung out with Mike & Jon

Heywood Banks stopped by the studios to promote an upcoming show

Steve Lombardi, aka The Brooklyn Brawler, stopped by to pile-drive Mike & Jon.

Mike & Jon pose with Three Men & A Tenor (and some of their offspring) in the WHMI studios.


Here are some online games to help you pass the time:

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