South Lyon hopes new 5-year master plan will help with development of its downtown.

The development plan adopted late last month outlines the city’s plans for commercial and residential development, and includes updates to the land use policy, and access to the downtown areas. South Lyon City Manager Lynne Ladner says the hope is that they will attract more retail business to the downtown. She tells WHMI the plan will guide development plans. She says it will definitely help with the growth and development of the community as well as giving them an idea of exactly what residents want the city to pursue in terms of economic development. Ladner says the plan covers things like the way they will to make additions to and develop park land; the direction that they would like to see the downtown area grow with more concentration on retail versus service businesses, and additional development of parcels within the downtown district.

Ladner says there are a handful of vacant properties in the downtown area and as service businesses outgrow their space or move out of downtown they will be replaced with retail. She says they are working with investors and restaurateurs to attract eateries to downtown as well. Ladner says a number of open meetings were held to gather input from local residents before the plan was finalized. She says another issue of concern has been municipal parking and the need for pedestrian access to the city; both of which are addressed in the master plan. She says the master plan not only includes plans for the next five years, but for several years. Ladner says the master plan will be reviewed frequently to make plans for future development, such as potential relocation of the city’s post office, park areas and development of downtown properties. (DS)