Plans for a proposed development in Green Oak Township will move onto the county level, following recent approval from the municipality’s planning commission.

On Thursday, developers discussed the latest revised plans for the Vortex Gymnastics Center with Green Oak Township’s Planning Commission. The proposed 45,370-square foot building would be located on nine acres at the northwest corner of Winans and Whitmore Lake Road. The Vortex is designed to include a trampoline park, a play-place and ninja warrior course, and the gymnastics training center.

The township’s existing Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning did not permit the development to be built the way it was originally proposed, so developers had to make some amendments to their area plan and PUD agreement. Amendments to the Legacy Park PUD have been unanimously approved by the Planning Commission, along with the Vortex’s site plan. The Planning Commission also approved some variances to the PUD agreement, including where the center’s parking can be located, building elevations and the building’s size.

Township Planner Paul Montagno says the Planning Commission and developers have worked together to improve the plan and that it has made “great strides”. The Legacy PUD area plan was approved with conditions, however. Developers must collaborate with the township and road commission to come up with an agreement for traffic improvements, along with finalizing language and pathway plans.

The Planning Commission’s recommendation for approval will next be sent to the county’s Planning Department for its recommendation, then onto Green Oak Township’s Board of Trustees. (DK)