The Brighton City Council has approved a liquor license transfer to allow Buon Gusto restaurant to sell alcohol as part of its menu offerings. The restaurant is located 501 West Main, at the corner of First Street. The current owners, Kraig and Frances York of Howell, purchased the restaurant last June from former owners Sal and Sylvia Viviano, who retired after running the bistro for 12 years. The Brighton City Police Dept. conducted a routine investigation as part of the application process. Both the police dept. and Brighton Area Fire Dept. determined that the license transfer should be approved, stating there were no outstanding issues and that the applicants, quote, "meet the requirement of the city's liquor ordinances." The new owners have also paid the required license application fee. Although local approval is not required by the state Liquor Control Commission for a license transfer, the city's ordinance code does require approval. The resolution to approve the liquor license transfer was passed on a unanimous vote. (TT)