The Howell Public Schools Board of Education elected officers last night, keeping incumbents in place.

For the third year President Mike Yenshaw will lead board members after a 6 to 1 vote for his re-election. Trustee Gregg Gilligan voted no. Yenshaw won re-election to the school board in November and is serving his second full four year term. Yenshaw says the district faces some contentious decisions in the coming year. He says he's honored to be elected again as president of the Howell School board. Some of the issues he says the board will face in the coming year are teacher contracts and the legislature is dealing with teacher retirement and healthcare benefits. Yenshaw says the district is also in the throws of the Southeast/Three Fires transition. He says they passed a 5-year strategic plan 2 years ago and he hopes to keep the board on task with that plan.

Superintendent Erin MacGregor says next up on the strategic plan will be a deep look into teaching and learning in the district. He says he is working on a survey to take a more in-depth look at the reasons families are choosing to leave the district. Along with Yenshaw, Vice President Stacy Pasini, Secretary Brent Earl and Treasurer Grace Trudell continue in their previous positions. The board also welcomed newly elected trustee Courtney Tarara. Tarara was sworn in by MacGregor early in the meeting. Tarara says she decided to run for the seat after attending a statistical retreat for the district and looks forward to working with board members on issues facing the district. Tarara is a graduate of Howell High School and has children attending in the district. (DS)