The employment contract for a local school superintendent was updated by the board of education recently.

The superintendent of Howell Public Schools asked the Board of Education to approve changes to his contract that would allow for his evaluations to take place later in the school year. Erin MacGregor asked for the change based on advice from the district’s attorney, so his evaluations could be performed based on current state law. He says his evaluations will be done annually near the end of the school year, because that is also when student achievement is reported. MacGregor, who was hired on July 1st of 2015 says the change was necessary because of legislative changes to the evaluation process for teachers and administrators. He says the change brings his contract into alignment with the law.

Also changed in the contract that the board can give the superintendent pay raises without having to rewrite his contract. MacGregor says the changes don’t change the terms of his contract, but it can be amended to extend it or increase his pay. MacGregor’s current contract is in place until June 2019. (DS)