The holidays are over, but the Salvation Army’s Christmas Campaign is still going. The campaign is the largest fundraising effort of the year. Donations gained through it support many of the organization’s year round programs. The Salvation Army of Livingston County’s goal for the 2016 season, which began on November 1st and runs through January 31st is $380,000. To date, they are still approximately $27,000 short of their goal with 3 weeks remaining. Major Prezza Morrison said that one of the new programs the fundraiser helps is Pathways of Hope. That program mentors, counsels, and educates families that may be struggling with self-suffiency. Major Prezza Morrison said that many of these families don’t know there is something different and they don’t understand there is potential for growth; something she and the Salvation Army hope to fix. Another program that benefits from the campaign is the Eviction Diversion Program. There, the Salvation Army sends a case worker to go court on the day of the client’s evicition to work with them, the lawyers, the landlord, and the judge to try and help keep them in their house. Morrision said it costs 3 times as much on average to move someone into a new home than it does to keep them in their current one. From there they aim to work with the client to better educate and help them in ways that can make the tenant-landlord relationship better for all. (MK)

Donations can be made:
- Online by visiting
- Via mail, to P.O. Box 647, Howell, MI 48844
- At the Corps, located at 503 Lake Street, Howell, MI 48444
- Texting HopeLC to 41444