March is National Nutrition Month and Livingston County residents are being reminded that making simple changes in what you eat or drink can have a great impact on your health.

The Livingston County Health Department WIC Program has joined with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in celebration of this year’s theme - Put Your Best Fork Forward. This year's theme aims to inspire community members to start with small changes in their eating habits, find the right amount for you to eat and drink and find ways to make each bite count.

Whether planning meals to prepare at home or making selections when eating out, residents are encouraged to put their best fork forward to help find their personal healthy eating style.

Livingston County Medical Director Dr. Don Lawrenchuk tells WHMI simple changes and smart choices can have a great impact on overall health. He encourages residents to start small and work their way up. Since no one diet is right for everyone, Lawrenchuk says it's important to follow a healthful eating plan that keeps your unique lifestyle in mind, saying small changes add up to bigger health benefits. He suggests starting small and replacing one unhealthy beverage like soda with water, order a small latte instead of a large, use whole grain or whole wheat bread instead of white bread, or add one more colorful vegetable to your lunch plate.

The health department says other simple ways to make each bite count include creating an eating style that includes a variety for your favorite, healthful foods; practice cooking more at home and experiment with healthier ingredients; and find physical activities you enjoy.

A “National Nutrition Month® Celebration Toolkit” is available through the link provided link that includes tip sheets and handouts, videos and games. (JM)