A move by Brighton Township could save money in the budget in the next fiscal year. Over the next month Brighton Township will be hashing over its budget, including a line item for funding the Southeastern Livingston County Recreation Authority (SELCRA). The Board of Trustees recently heard from new SELCRA Director Jason Spiller, who proposed changing the way Brighton Township and Green Oak split the costs for participating in the organization. Township Manager Brian Vick says a change would mean a savings of nearly $11,600 over the next year. Vick says the SELCRA Board has suggested moving toward a 60/40 split, which would lower Brighton Township's cost for participation rate. He says their two year average was 2,058, and that represented 66 percent. Currently the township pays SELCRA on a per participant basis, which means the township paid an average of $161,630 for programs over the last two years. Under the new funding plan, the township will pay $150,000, while Green Oak pays $100,000.

Vick says the current funding plan has been in place since the city of Brighton and Genoa Township were part of the organization. Last year SELCRA underwent a dramatic change leaving just Brighton Township and Green Oak to support it. Two months ago Spiller took over directorship of SELCRA, but Vick says he’s already making plans to expand programming. Vick says Spiller is proposing to add more adult recreation offerings like soccer and basketball, as well as enrichment programs including sewing. The township board will vote on the new budget on March 20th. (DS)