One local township will be splitting the cost of work on two of its roadways this construction season.

In Oceola Township the Board of Trustees agreed Thursday night to share the costs of resurfacing, ditch and tree cutting work on Fisher Road between Clyde and Allen and Clyde Road between Fisher and Reds Way. Both roads are unpaved. Township Supervisor Bill Bamber says township trustees agreed to proceed with redoing the structure of Clyde Road from Red's Way to Fisher Road, a 3/4 mile stretch including ditching, tree trimming and 8 inches of limestone. Cooperating with Howell Township to do ditching and tree trimming and applying gravel to a one mile stretch of Fisher Road from Clyde to Allen Road.

The township board agreed to have Culver Excavating do the work on Fisher Road at a cost of $86,000, which Oceola will split with Howell Township. Trustees agreed to allow the road to be surfaced with gravel rather than limestone, which is what it would typically use. The $150,000 cost for Clyde Road will be split with the Livingston County Road Commission, leaving the township to pay $92,000 for surface limestone. The Road Commission will cover the cost of ditch work and tree trimming along that three-quarter mile stretch. Along with the road proposals, the township agreed to award a contract to Michigan Chloride to treat the township’s public roads at about $.19 per gallon. (DS)