A new system is online to help alert local residents about emergency situations, and officials are encouraging those without land lines to join in.

The Livingston County Emergency Management Department is officially rolling out the Emergency Alert System that can send direct messages in times of imminent danger to allow citizens to take shelter or other actions as needed. The system is designed to allow emergency responders and community officials to contact and warn the county’s population in its entirety or specific areas. Therese Cremonte is Livingston County’s Emergency Manager and tells WHMI that they’ve already added in all of the numbers listed in the Yellow and White pages. But that means those who don't have land lines will need to “opt-in” to sign-up and register to receive cell phone, text, or email alerts.

Cremonte says that while registering, residents can choose more than one type of contact, and prioritize the order of the alerting. She adds that residents can also sign up for less urgent non-emergency notifications, such as specified weather alerts. You’ll find the link to add your cell phone below.

Cremonte emphasized that all information provide by citizens in the system is kept strictly confidential and that each individual’s profile may be adjusted as often as required to meet their needs.

The emergency alerting project was spearheaded by the Livingston County Emergency Management Department, with support from the Livingston County Board of Commissioners and Livingston County Central Dispatch. (JK)