One local municipality is considering installing surveillance cameras in an effort to curb vandalism in its parks.

The City of Fenton has had a rash of vandalism at its Mill Pond Gazebo over the last several years and is planning to install high tech surveillance cameras to catch those responsible. City Manager Lynn Markland told City Council Monday night the cameras could cost as much as $4,000 to $6,000, but will have the ability to enlarge the image of the those causing the damage. Markland tells WHMI the problem isn’t new. He says they are looking for a way to try and if not stop the vandalism, find out who is doing it. He says the damage gets expensive and when the gazebo is in disrepair it doesn't make the city look nice either. He says they want to try to reduce the damage and if they can, catch the perpetrators.

Markland says once the camera is installed at the gazebo it will be monitored through central dispatch. He says there is also a problem at Bush Park with people burning picnic tables and vandalizing the gazebo there as well. He says continually having to repair the damage and replace the picnic tables gets costly. The city hopes to look at installing video cameras there eventually as well. He says he has no idea who the perpetrators are, but hesitates to blame local youth. Markland says every community has vandalism that happens once in a while, but it is not always the kids. He says Fenton has some pretty good people living there, so he doesn’t want to speculate who might be causing the problems. (DS)