A trial date has again been delayed for a Milford woman charged with murder in connection with her husband's death.

Yvonne Cortis was charged with open murder following the death of 68-year-old Greg Cortis, who died from injuries sustained in the November 2015 crowbar attack. She was originally to have stood trial last October, but court records show that it has been delayed until May 1st, the second such adjournment. The previous delays were so Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Cheryl Matthews could decide on the admissibility of statements Cortis made to police. She ultimately ruled that what Cortis said outside of a patrol car was voluntary and could be used at her trial, while everything said after she was inside the car could not be admitted because she was then technically in custody and they were made prior to her being read her Miranda rights. The most recent delay is to allow for further investigation by a self-defense expert. Cortis was also charged with a count of animal torture for beating the family dog in the attack.

Family members said the 59-year-old Milford woman has a history of mental illness, although a mental exam determined she was competent to assist in her own defense. Police say Cortis admitted to beating her husband and dog to put "them out of their misery," although it’s not known if that was one of the statements ruled inadmissible. Cortis remains held without bond. (JK)