A joint choir performance with Flint students was said to have been an experience that left a lasting impact on the lives of Howell middle school students.

Members of the Parker Middle School choirs recently traveled to Flint for a joint concert with students from Flint's Southwestern Academy High School. One of the songs the two groups performed together was "But a Flint Holds a Fire" by Andrea Ramsey, which was commissioned by the Parker choirs. The song speaks about the ongoing Flint water crisis.
Southwestern Academy High School was one of three schools that wrote the text spoken during the song.

The event was planned by two Parker students in conjunction with a hand sanitizer drive, which was donated to Southwestern Academy. The performance was said to be very impactful for the Parker students. 7th grader Kaitlyn Chapman said the awesome experience “was a jolt to reality to see the people who were affected by the water crisis”. Parker’s Vocal Music Director Kelli Falls said it was a great opportunity for their students to meet and perform with other singers, learn about their choir program and forge new relationships.

An audio file of the choirs singing "But a Flint Holds a Fire" is available in the podcast section of our website. The link is provided. (JM)