Road improvements on one stretch in Hartland Township were so successful that residents are eager to see more work done.

Bullard Road is historically a narrow, winding road with a lot of tree coverage. Thanks largely in part to the township’s road millage passing, the Board of Trustees approved $12,000 worth of tree removal in partnership with the Livingston County Road Commission between Clyde Road and Read Road, which has been completed and improved visibility. Township Manager James Wickman said the residents in that stretch have been more cooperative than they could have anticipated and are requesting even more work be done. Wickman said they have an opportunity now to do drainage improvements, replace culverts, and add some more gravel that will raise the quality of the road significantly with little investment and cost sharing from the road commission.

It was noted that traffic on Bullard is higher as it serves the Lake Tyrone area, and improvements on Clyde and Read would also benefit from the work. The motion carried unanimously. The new project will cost the township $35,000 using funds available through the millage. (MK)