A seminar to explain and explore the science, social issues, and identities surrounding gender and attraction is planned this weekend in Brighton.

LGBTQIA Essentials will feature Layla Ananda, a licensed psychologist and retired psychology instructor who will explain gender continuum theory which uses four progressive scales instead of a two-box system consisting solely of male and female.

The Livingston County Chapter of PFLAG has a mission to advance understanding and equality and is sponsoring the educational seminar for the community. Treasurer Janet Jasenak tells WHMI providing information and dialogue about the issues is important.

LGTBQIA Essentials is open to anyone interested in the topic but especially parents, social workers, teachers, health care workers, clergy, youth leaders and employers. Jasenak says the seminar is really for anyone who wants to learn more about the issues, the initials and what they stand for, stressing the event is anonymous and open to all ages.

The seminar will be held Sunday from 2 to 4pm at St. Paul Episcopal Church in downtown Brighton. Further details about PFLAG and the event are attached. (JM)