The dock at the Thompson Lake boat launch in the City of Howell is being replaced.

At its last meeting, the Howell City Council approved the purchase of a new dock for $16,175. The timing was said to be good because the lake level was low.

City Manager Shea Charles tells WHMI the Livingston County Drain Commissioner lowered the level of Thompson Lake, which gave the City the opportunity to inspect the dock. Charles says they discovered the dock was in need of significant repair, actually replacement, so they presented a proposal to council. He says the commercial grade dock is ADA accessible and a much sturdier solution, saying it’s far better than what they had before. The life expectancy is pegged between 20-30 years.

Staff commented during the meeting that the new dock is strong and heavy, thus not easy to steal. It’s easily installed and removed since it can be pushed and pulled into place, which is beneficial to avoid seasonal freeze and thaw damage. The dock is to be installed this spring, in time for the upcoming boating season. Photo - Google Street View. (JM)