Plans to develop a parcel of land near I-96 and South Latson Road into a four story hotel are on hold until traffic details can be worked out with the developer.

Monday night the Genoa Township Planning Commission tabled a final site plan recommendation for the Hampton Inns and Suites on the property located behind the USA 2 GO and Tim Hortons at Grand Oaks and Latson Roads near the interchange. Planning commissioners wanted to see better plans for traffic into and around the development, which includes not only the parcel the hotel will sit on, but those around it. Assistant Township Manager and Community Development Director Kelly VanMarter says they're hoping that the owner of this property will go back and meet with the developer of the overall project to come up with a traffic circulation plan that benefits not only this parcel, but the vacant parcels around it. She says it hasn't been decided where those are yet, which is where some of the confusion comes in from this plan. VanMarter says that they don't know what's going on next door, which involves the possible split of another parcel into three out lots, so it's hard to plan one project and try to fit in what could be coming in the future around it.

Commissioners like the plan overall, and VanMarter says it will be a beautiful addition to the township. The traffic concerns and the fact that developer Bo Gunlock wasn’t at the meeting to answer questions put plans on hold temporarily. VanMarter and developers are expected to work on the issue and bring it back for approval either later this month or early April. A public hearing was held prior to the site plan review, but there were no comments. (DS)