A statewide tornado drill next month will help area residents prepare themselves in the event of severe weather conditions.

The county’s General Government and Health and Human Services Committee approved a resolution Monday night proclaiming Wednesday, April 19th, as Tornado Drill Day. It will next move to the Board of Commissioners for approval.

The resolution requests all county agencies and facilities to participate in the statewide drill, which will commence that day at 1:30pm. Livingston County Emergency Manager Therese Cremonte feels last year’s drill was “very successful” in terms of participation.

Cremonte says the drill educates the public about tornadoes and other severe weather events, as well as precautions that should be taken to save lives and protect families. An average of 15 tornadoes strike Michigan each year and Cremonte, who says “Our weather events have been sporadic at best”, feels it is important that individuals are aware of proper safety and emergency procedures. (DK)