While critics of GOP health care legislation have gotten fresh ammunition from a report that says the bill would increase the ranks of the uninsured by 14 million people next year alone, the man who represents Livingston County in Congress says it is the first step towards delivering on their promise of lowering premiums and providing expanded access.

8th District Republican Congressman Mike Bishop said that Monday’s release of an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (available by Clicking Here) shows that the GOP legislation provides “major tax relief and reduce(s) the deficit” by lowering premiums 10% and reducing the federal deficit by $337 billion. The report indicates that following a two-year spike, average premiums would fall after 2020 relative to Obamacare, but would increase for older Americans. It concludes 5 million fewer people would be covered by Medicaid by 2018, and 14 million fewer people would enroll in the program by 2026. In total, an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured by 2026 under the GOP plan, compared to 28 million who would lack insurance under the current law. Democrats have pounced on the report’s findings. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said that, “throwing 24 million Americans off of health insurance, raising premiums for older low income Americans, while giving $285 billion in tax breaks to the top 2% is a disgusting and immoral proposal.”

But Bishop, who was recently appointed to the House Ways and Means Committee, said that, “The bigger picture of health care reform goes beyond this single bill – including additional legislation and administrative actions that will invigorate the market and improve access to quality coverage.” He added he was, “confident that Congress will build on the progress outlined in this report to make health care work for everyone. Anything less is unacceptable." A press release from Bishop pointed people to House Speaker Paul Ryan's website for further details on the GOP plan. That can by found by Clicking Here. (JK)