One more township has passed a resolution in support of helping bring high speed internet to western Livingston County.

Add Handy Township to the list of municipalities in favor of the ongoing Rural Broadband Initiative that sprung up last year in hopes of bringing better internet to residents in the county’s less populated areas. They join Iosco, Conway, and Genoa Townships, along with the County Board of Commissioners as entities that have passed resolutions. While it was approved by the Board of Trustees, Handy Township Supervisor Ed Alverson wanted it to be on record that this was in support of the concept of the Initiative, and not a pledge for financial backing of it. Alverson said that while better internet is needed in Handy Township, that current water and sewer issues make it challenging right now. He told Grace Damerow, the Technology Director for Fowlerville Schools who has been collecting the resolutions, that it might be 10 to 20 years before the township could find money for this.

Damerow said she understands that most of the municipalities don’t have the funds that would be required to upgrade the broad band service, and that they are looking at alternative methods of funding. She told the board, for example, they are closely watching a bill being looked at in Washtenaw County that would allow townships to use special assessments through the Public Improvement Act for projects like this.
Damerow said her next goal is to try and collect similar resolutions in support from the Village of Fowlerville and Unadilla Township. Handy Township passed theirs by a 4-1 vote with Trustee Gordon Munsell voting against it. (MK)