Two presentations to help kids stay away from drugs are coming in May to the historic Howell Theater.

Project Opiate and Steered Straight, Inc. are bringing their “Helping Young People Help Themselves” program to town for a pair of dates. On May 7th at 6pm there will be a screening of the documentary “An American Epidemic.” The movie brings a national perspective to the opiate and heroin problem they see growing in the country and offers a message asking for everyone to work together to help end it. On May 11th there will be a live presentation by Steered Straight’s founder, Michael DeLeon.

DeLeon suffered for 8 years with drug addiction and gang involvement and spent 12 years in jail. Since his release he has earned 3 Associate’s Degrees and has dedicated himself towards educating and helping youths stay on the right path when it comes to serious life issues, with an emphasis on drugs. These events are free and open to all members of the community. (MK)