April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the Howell LACASA Center is working to dispel myths and misconceptions through several educational events.

LACASA promotes awareness about sexual assault each year and will once again contribute to their campaign with some annual events. One is the Clothesline Project, which is returning to local libraries for its 19th year. Clotheslines hung at the libraries throughout the month will display t-shirts decorated by local abuse victims to convey a message about their personal experience.

Another yearly happening is Denim Day, which will be held on Wednesday, April 26th. Denim Day is an international movement that stems from an overturned rape conviction by an Italian Supreme Court. Judges determined because the victim in the case had tight jeans on, she must have helped her rapist remove them, implying consent. The overturned conviction triggered outrage across the globe and kicked off Denim Day, where the community wears jeans to draw attention to the issue of victim blaming and the meaning of consent.

Then on May 5th, LACASA will present a screening of the film Audrie & Daisy at the Historic Howell Theater at 7pm. The documentary focuses on sexual assault in the high school setting and its impact on victims and the community, which LACASA Community Education Director Nicole Matthews-Creech says is a relevant issue.

Creech says the more conversations that are sparked, the better prepared a community will be to prevent and appropriately respond to sexual assault. She feels this is a way for individuals, groups, and businesses to show support for survivors, and eliminate myths about sexual assault and consent. More information about these events can be found through the link below. (DK)