Some 8th District constituents have organized a “clothesline protest” this week to demonstrate how they feel Congressman Mike Bishop is "hanging them out to dry."

A group of Ingham County residents say they’ve been requesting a meeting for with Bishop, who has not held a town hall in the county for more than year. Bishops office has organized a series of listening sessions, including one this Thursday at the American Legion Hall in Stockbridge from 12pm to 4pm.

But the organizers of Thursday's protest say they want an open forum to talk with Bishop and that the listening sessions are too small, closed to the general public, held during work hours on a weekday and in distant locations. As a means of protest, those who can’t attend plan to express their frustration on posters hung on clotheslines outside of Thursday’s session.

Organizer Kirsten Fermaglich tells WHMI those involved in Thursday’s activities are just everyday people who have a desire to talk with the person who is supposed to represent them in Congress. But Fermaglich believes that while Bishop says he’s coming to listen, really he’s not and is actually closing the doors on the public with the listening sessions. She says they want him to know there are people in the 8th District that want to talk to him and view it as his job to hear them out.

At the end of the session on Thursday, constituents who can attend the protest will deliver a letter to Bishop signed by the many citizens who are frustrated by their exclusion from the democratic process.

A request for comment was left with Bishop’s office. (JM/JK)