Both Brighton Township officials and residents are looking for an update regarding the municipality’s sanitary sewer system.

On Monday, the township’s Board of Trustees had a brief discussion in which they indicated they’d like Manager Brian Vick to resurrect the sewer system’s action plan, which was created in 2004. Vick plans to add recent data to show the steps that have been taken and decisions that have been made regarding the operation and maintenance of the system. The system was built in 2003 based on projections that indicated a user increase, however the recession hit and growth stagnated which affected the capacity at which the system currently runs at. Vick tells WHMI this is an issue he’d like to address when updating the plan, which he feels will be a work in progress.

However system user Bob Potocki says, “Reviving the 2004 action plan is 13 years late and about $15 million dollars short.” Potocki is a long-time critic of the system and one of the users represented in a class-action lawsuit against Brighton Township which challenges sewer assessments being made. A motion to dismiss that lawsuit was recently denied in Livingston County Circuit Court. A group of residents have not only questioned multiple aspects of the sewer system, but also relative actions taken by township officials. Potocki says, “The cover-up, lies, and continuous price increases are not going to stop until someone does something.” He feels the business plan for the system was hopeless and “…so full of pork from the very beginning that it had to fail.”

At Monday’s meeting, resident Mike Palmer stated that the board has failed to enforce an ordinance that requires residents within a certain distance to hook up to the system. Palmer says not enforcing the ordinance was a “political issue” and that through “incompetent leadership” the board has “…failed to do their fiduciary duty.”

A Brighton Township Sewer Ad Hoc Creditors Committee will be holding a meeting this Saturday from 9:30 to 11am at the Brighton Area Fire Authority’s Station 32 on Old US 23. According to the committee, the meeting will serve to answer system users or interested community members’ questions, and will provide access to related legal documents. (DK)