A grassroots organization working to halt construction of the ET Rover Pipeline is broadening offensive and defensive strategies in their fight.

Members of the group, ET Rover Go Home, say though construction has already begun, they’re not giving up their fight. The ET Rover Pipeline is a 42-inch natural gas underground pipeline slated to run through portions of Putnam Township and the Huron River Watershed. ET Rover Go Home met Wednesday night to communicate where they are at in their fight against the project and what comes next.

Media Team Coordinator Cady Johnson says the group is focused on keeping their social media updated and working with a lawyer to pose legal challenges that they hope will slow the project down. Johnson says the group also wants to connect with residents impacted by the pipeline and encourage them to be vigilant of how the project is proceeding. ET Rover Go Home is urging residents against the pipeline to submit comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to halt the project’s construction and be aware of any tree-clearing as the deadline for cutting trees was March 31st.

Shannon Abbott of the Grand Rapids Water Protectors and Camp Promise also attended the meeting to vocalize her support. The GRWP is a group of citizens that began educating the community about the Dakota Access Pipeline and plans for it to pass through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. They then expanded their awareness efforts to local and statewide water issues.

Abbott says people are ready to stand and fight with the community against the ET Rover Pipeline, but first she wants to know how the community would like to go about doing that. Abbott says that could include educational community events or setting up non-violent, peaceful protesting camps to “…make it as difficult as possible for the pipeline to come through.” Once Abbott identifies how the community wants to move forward, she plans to offer support in facilitating those efforts.

ET Rover Go Home plans to meet again May 2nd from 6 to 8pm at the Hamburg Township Library and encourages concerned community members to attend. (DK)