A dog said to be responsible for killing another dog could be put down.

31-year-old Zackery Bradley of Howell is scheduled to arraigned April 27th on three counts of dogs running at large and four counts for failure to license dogs in the home.

The charges stem from the February 25th incident, when Roni Evans was walking her shih tzu and maltipoo in the city of Howell. Bradley’s three dogs, a pit bull, pit bull-husky mix and a cane corso, allegedly attacked Evan’s dogs. The shih tzu survived the attack but underwent several surgeries. The maltipoo died from his injuries.

Mia, Bradley’s pit bull-husky mix, is reportedly responsible for the death of the maltipoo. Following an expert evaluation of Mia, her fate will be left up to Magistrate Jerry Sherwood. Livingston County Animal Control is handling the case and a hearing has been scheduled for May 4th to determine whether Mia is dangerous and should be euthanized. (DK)