A unique study and survey is underway to help identify what skills set individuals entering the workforce apart from others.

The Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA) has launched a unique study to understand the most valuable and in demand skills for those entering the workforce in Livingston County. The study is being conducted in the form of a survey to local area employers. It’s being administered by LESA in partnership with the third-party research firm, Hanover Research. The survey is open now and is available to any employer within Livingston County.

Officials say the survey will reveal what qualities and training are most desirable to employers, as well as the short term and long term employment trends in the region. The data will be captured in a way that will allow identification of industry sector, career pathway, and geographic location.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Hubert says LESA wants to help local education systems produce a workforce that possesses the proper qualifications for employment in the area. He says they wanted direct feedback from actual employers to determine if there is anything they should be doing differently in terms of training and educational offerings, which is an approach that has not been taken before in the area. LESA will use the survey results to identify the need for changes in the educational and training programs within Livingston County and to help students define a pathway to a successful career, either through higher education, military service, or through a regionally based training program.

The survey is available online until May 26th and can be accessed through the link. (JM)