It’s been over a year since the former Pinckney Elementary School building and property was sold, but land owners have yet to move forward with a potential development.

In April of 2016, the Pinckney Community Schools Board of Education approved a purchase agreement for the former school with TDPB Holdings. The company has an existing business in Detroit called Tango Down Tactical, which uses airsoft guns and technology to provide tactical practice and a closed quarter environment to train law enforcement. The intent was to develop the property and school building into a similar facility.

Village officials say since that time, they have not received any permit or zoning requests from the company, though the parcel would need to be commercially zoned for such a business to operate. The majority of the property is public land and the rest has no recorded zoning. Since the parcel is not currently being used as public land, the Village’s Planning Commission recommended it be zoned in accordance with the municipality’s Master Plan while awaiting word from the property’s owners.

On Monday, Village Council unanimously approved a rezoning ordinance, establishing the land as high-density residential. Zoning Administrator Diane Kay-Hougaboom says she sent the company two notices of the meeting in which the property’s zoning would be discussed, but has not “…seen one sheet of paper from them.” Representatives did not attend the meeting either. Village President Linda Lavey says, “It would’ve been great if they had some input on it but they didn’t apparently want to.”

Lavey says the community is curious about the property’s potential purpose and “waiting for something cool”. The owners can apply to rezone the property at any time. (DK)