A mock accident presentation will be held today at Brighton High School.

The school holds the exercise once every three years, to re-enforce the idea that proms and other end-of-school year activities can result in sometimes rash decisions that have life-altering consequences. The event is sponsored by the Brighton High School PTO, the Brighton Area Fire Dept., Brighton City Police and school administration. The event is held outside at the football field and stands, with the entire student body of around 2,000 in attendance. It's expected to happen at about 12:20pm.

According to Sherri Osterman, one of the organizers, the event sends the message in a powerful way, as students see the consequences of drinking and driving, and texting while driving. Osterman says that several students will play the roles of injured occupants and will read from prepared scripts that will be broadcast over the P.A. system. The emergency responders will use the Jaws of Life to extricate the mock victims from the crashed vehicles, and a U of M Survival Flight helicopter will land on the field to airlift the would-be victims to the hospital. Meantime, Brighton is part of the national campaign “Parents Who Host Lose the Most”.

The campaign encourages parents and the entire community to send a unified message that teenage alcohol consumption is both illegal and unsafe. And Superintendent Greg Gray is reminding parents during this prom week that if a parent hosts a party at which alcohol is served to minors, the parent is subject to criminal charges. (TT)