The company currently installing a natural gas pipeline through Livingston County has been fined in another state for environmental violations.

Ohio's environmental regulators have issued a $430,000 fine against the Energy Transfer Company building the Rover natural gas pipeline from West Virginia into western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, before it turns north into Michigan, coming into Livingston County as it passes through Putnam, Marion, Iosco and Handy townships.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency says the fines stem from water and air pollution violations at a number of locations in that state. Ohio officials say work on the Rover natural gas pipeline since March has resulted in 18 incidents involving mud spills from drilling, stormwater pollution and open burning.

Energy Transfer says only a small number of inadvertent releases of 'drilling mud' from the $4.2 billion pipeline aren't unusual during drilling operations. They also say they don’t think there has been any impact to the environment. But local residents who are members of the grassroots group, Michigan Residents Against ET Rover, have already expressed concerns that if Rover can make these mistakes in Ohio, they can happen in their backyards, too. (JK)