Two Livingston County townships recently had a study performed to help understand how prepared they are for future growth in relation to their sewer system. The Livingston Regional Sewer System was put into effect in 2004 and runs north through Hartland Township into Tyrone Township, before hooking into Genesee County’s system. Tyrone Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham said it was really Hartland Township that initiated the now-complete capacity study because of the exponential growth they have been seeing in recent years. Cunningham said that for Tyrone Township residents, this study shows that they have ample room for growth and expansion as far as REUs are concerned for at least the next 5 to 10 years. He said they definitely want to keep an eye on their pump stations, but as far as capacity goes, they are in good shape. The supervisor said there was concern with the fact that Hartland’s sewage comes through their township, but that they looked at all of the infrastructure to make certain it is in good working condition. He said that in the event there is some kind of large development, they will have to sit down, look at the proposal, and assess whether it may require additional fees from the developer in order to upgrade the infrastructure. The Board of Trustees put the study on file as part of their regular meeting, Tuesday evening. A copy of it can be found on their website,