A Livingston County Jail inmate who tried to escape police custody by way of the Brighton Mill Pond has been found guilty of her attempt to flee.

32-year-old Lisa Finlayson of Howell was convicted Monday of one count of escape while awaiting trial for a felony. Finlayson and another inmate attempted to escape on an August afternoon, after they were transported over to the 53rd District Court in Brighton for hearings. The two were being escorted from the court building and into a patrol car when they made a break for it.

Finlayson jumped into the Mill Pond, but was pulled out shortly after with a dredger. The other inmate was arrested after breaking into a home to steal a change of clothes. Finlayson had been in custody for operating while intoxicated causing death, which stemmed from her role in a 2015 crash that claimed the life of 51-year-old Lawrence Pettis of Howell. Her pick-up truck struck Pettis’ motorcycle and pushed it into another vehicle. Finlayson’s 3-year-old son was a passenger in the vehicle and testing later revealed cocaine in Finlayson’s system.

She is currently serving a prison sentence of 86 months to 15 years which she received after entering a guilty plea in the case in July. Finlayson attempted to withdraw that plea in March, but her motion was denied by Judge Miriam Cavanaugh. Finlayson is set to be sentenced on the escape charge June 8th. (DK)