A collaborative program of Livingston County agencies that provides substance abuse prevention services is seeking an increase in funding to expand their impact.

The Livingston Community Prevention Project (LCPP) is comprised of four local agencies- Karen Bergbower and Associates, Key Development Center, Inc., LACASA, and Livingston County Catholic Charities. The agencies have worked together for the last nine years to coordinate government-funded prevention programs in the county. Later this month, the LCPP will be submitting a proposal seeking $399,000 in their bid for funding. Funding is up for rebid every two to three years.

Livingston County Catholic Charities Executive Director Mark Robinson says much of the LCPP’s work will remain the same, including efforts like public campaigns to build awareness, keeping Project Success in all middle and high schools in the county, and supporting community-based activities. However there will be a few changes, like expanding community based support groups from two to four school districts within the next year and providing prevention services to Whitmore Lake Public Schools.

Another change the LCPP has planned is to upgrade from the “Parents Who Host Lose the Most” campaign. Robinson felt the campaign had run its course, as the LCPP has promoted it for the last nine years. The organization is now spreading the word about “Safe Homes”, which requires parents to take an online pledge, promising that they will keep their homes free of drugs and alcohol for minors during prom or graduation parties.

In the last fiscal year, the LCPP received approximately $345,000 in government funding. Their proposal is asking for a $54,000 increase based on their plans to expand school programs to Whitmore Lake schools. Robinson says he’s not sure what the likelihood is that the LCPP will receive the additional funding, or the final amount that they’ll receive at all. Their proposal is due May 22nd for funds that would become available October 1st. (DK)