New voices and fresh ideas are being sought on the Pinckney Community Schools Board of Education.

Community members are being encouraged to apply for an open seat on the board after treasurer George Rodgers resigned last month. Letters of interest are currently being accepted for a trustee position and interviews will be conducted at the May 18th board meeting. Whoever is appointed would serve through November 2018.

Trustee Paul Samways feels it’s time for someone with fresh, new ideas to serve alongside others who all have the best interests of the district at heart. Other than Rob Guiloz, who was recruited and elected last November, Samways says the rest of the board has served multiple terms. While blessed to have the incumbent knowledge, he says it’s always good to bring in new blood and ideas. Samways tells WHMI the board is seeking someone active in the community or schools interested in volunteering some of their time to help out kids and wants to get involved. He says candidates don’t necessarily have to hail from Pinckney but could come from other school districts and share best practices. He says there’s not a huge time requirement to serve and the board typically meets every three weeks.

Samways pointed out the district has been struggling with enrollment and is hoping new board members with fresh ideas can help turn around the continuing decline. He says not only has Pinckney not stabilized versus other area districts since 2015, they have lost twice as much as Howell and Brighton. He says what makes that even more concerning that Howell loses more kids to schools of choice than anyone in Livingston County.

Interested candidates should send letters of interest to Superintendent Rick Todd at or mail to 2130 East M-36 Pinckney, MI 48169. (JM)