Northfield will conduct township manager interviews next week.

The Board of Trustees met in early May to review resumes received. After discussing the candidates, the board chose six candidates with two alternates to bring in for first round interviews. Special meetings are scheduled on Tuesday, and Wednesday in order to conduct interviews. Meeting times will be 6 to 9pm each day to allow 1 hour time-slots for each candidate. The interviews will be held during an open meeting with a moderator in attendance. The meetings are open to the public.

After the first round has concluded, the board will select three candidates to attend a second interview. Officials say the board will schedule a meeting to discuss candidate interviews in an open session and then vote to conditionally offer the township manager position to one or none of the candidates. A background investigation would be done utilizing a third party agency and upon successful completion, the board would then negotiate a contract with the candidate. (JM)