The Hartland Board of Trustees and Planning Commission discussed the state of vacant sewer taps at a joint meeting.

Township Supervisor Bill Fountain said it was his hope to help everybody better understand and bring newer commissioners up to speed on how the sewer system works. In the early 2000s they entered into an agreement with neighboring Tyrone Township to form the Livingston Regional Sewer System that would ultimately hook into Genesee County’s system. While the cost to get the waste moving north was expensive, Fountain said Hartland Township was quickly becoming a desirable location to be. However, last decade’s recession hit the township hard and many of the developers who had been making payments regularly and gone into default. As a result, there were many REUs left vacant on undeveloped land.

The supervisor said they came up with a plan to get the REUs back into the market, like buying the properties from scavenger sales. He said for a few years they were on edge, but now everything is back where it should be and things are looking up. They also discussed future options for vacant land applicants with existing REUs, like rezoning the land for relevant density, allowing transfer buybacks, and even denying the application if different, better terms can be found to be acceptable. The planning commission can now use these guidelines when it comes time to look at the township’s comprehensive plan for where they would like Hartland to be over the next 20 years. (MK)