Brighton High School conducted a one-day prescription drug-take back program Thursday for the purpose of parents returning unused prescription drugs.

It’s believed that Brighton is the first high school in the state to have a drug take-back day, since such events are normally held at police stations. The event was sponsored by the student group Bulldogs Against Narcotics, and is part of the Big Red Barrel Project, a program of the Livingston County Community Alliance. Senior Annika Weber, who is in the student leadership class and on the Student Council, initiated the program. Weber tells WHMI that such initiatives help keep potentially dangerous prescription drugs out of the hands of children and adolescents.

Weber says youths taking their parents’ prescription drugs happens more often than most adults think, but the matter is seldom discussed. She says drugs often taken include Oxycodone, a dangerous opioid pain reliever, Adderall, used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and cough syrup that contains codeine. High School Principal Gavin Johnson and two high school teachers supervised the day-long effort.

Big Red Barrel Project spokesman Terry Murray says the program, part of Safety Week at Brighton High, was successful despite virtually no advance publicity. The take-back day resulted in 22 pounds of prescription drugs being brought to the administration office at Brighton High School by about 20 parents. (TT)