Congressman Mike Bishop is among 12 Michigan legislators who have asked for a “progress report” on a compensation program for meningitis victims.

The Rochester Hills Republican led the effort to provide $40 million for victims of the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak, and he and 11 colleagues have requested an update from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office on the disbursement process. Michigan’s Eighth District was the hardest hit by the outbreak as more than 200 people became sick and 15 people died after receiving the New England Compounding Center’s tainted injections from a clinic in Brighton. Nationwide, there were 78 deaths from the tainted steroids.

Bishop said that as elected representatives they have “a duty to continue fighting for the victims of this tragedy” adding that, “Five years after patients received these tainted steroid injections, their families remain in dire need of financial assistance. With all of the stress and mounting costs they face, time is of the essence.”

A two-year investigation resulted in 14 individuals being charged with 131 criminal counts, including second-degree murder. NECC owner Barry Cadden was acquitted in March on the murder charges, but jurors convicted him on 58 counts of racketeering and mail fraud. He faces 20 years in prison. (JK)