A complaint filed by a local activist against the Cromaine District Library in regard to a sinking fund proposal has been dismissed by the state.

Hartland resident Wes Nakagiri filed a total of three complaints in connection with the May 2nd Sinking Fund proposal in the Hartland Consolidated School district. Two were against the district itself, one for not allowing him personal access to use their email server and website to disseminate his opposition viewpoint. The second was for a mass mailing by the district on the issue. Those two complaints remain under investigation by the state. However, a third complaint he filed against the Cromaine District Library was dismissed outright.

Nakagiri claimed the library violated state election law when its email system was used to distribute information on the Sinking Fund, but denied him equal access. Director Ceci Marlow has said the intent of her letter was not to sway or tell anyone how to vote, but to encourage people to get out and vote. The Michigan Bureau of Elections agreed and tells WHMI that the evidence provided was reviewed carefully and it was determined that the information distributed did not contain express advocacy and did not constitute an expenditure.

All three complaints are based on Nakagiri’s belief that state campaign laws mandate public facilities, which he insists includes the email server and website, must be made available on an equal basis. (JM/JK)