The Brighton Township Board met Monday night and voted to amend administrative policy regarding the amount of time members of the public speak during meetings.

Almost every meeting prior to call to the public, citizens are advised to avoid personal attacks on board members, officials and staff. Among some of the particularly vocal residents that regularly hurl insults at the board include Mike Palmer, an original sewer user who is among a group involved with litigation filed against the township for alleged overcharges. At the beginning of Monday’s meeting, Palmer informed the board that he would now be using the full three minutes allowed per agenda item under how the current policy is worded. Normally, three minutes is granted to speak on items at the beginning and end of meetings.

The board discussed the issue at the very end of Monday’s meeting along with different avenues that could be pursued, ultimately voting to align the administrative policy with how it has been applied for years. That means citizens will have three minutes to speak at the beginning of the meeting, and three minutes at the end if they choose.

Questions were about the legality of doing so were raised, and the township attorney advised that the board was within its rights. Clerk Ann Bollin and Trustee Mike Slaton voted against the written change. (JM)