Three residents who live near a vacant home arguably beyond repair in Brighton Township pleaded their case to the Board of Trustees Monday night.

Feral cats, smells, falling trees and tall grass are among a few of well documented issues with the home at 5907 Felske. Blight related concerns date back to 2005 but various violations gradually morphed into more significant issues. The home has been vacant for at least the last couple of years. A large amount of feral cats were said to be taking over underneath the home and are roaming onto nearby properties that have homes with families and children. One neighbor said the smell is terrible and cats urinate on the cars of guests parked at his home, which is now up for sale.

After hearing from residents, the board voted unanimously to seek code enforcement compliance against the owner, who was said to be very unresponsive to past efforts to gain compliance with health and safety standards. Township Manager Brian Vick says the many years of code enforcement efforts have not brought it into compliance and the township attorney got involved but was unsuccessful. He tells WHMI the board has now agreed to proceed with formal court action against the homeowner. Vick noted that it’s not an uncommon situation involving a property owner who hasn’t maintained a home and is not living in it, neighbors are fed up and the board took action to try and help them out by pursuing the legal route.

It was noted during Monday’s meeting that the home is now in such a bad state that it likely cannot be restored. Township attorney John Harris said based on experience, he would anticipate that the home will likely be ordered torn down by the courts but it won’t be an overnight process. (JM)