Plans to repair road damages caused by a water main break in Fowlerville are now being discussed.

Last Friday morning, a water main break in the Village of Fowlerville left several people without water service. The break occurred at the corner of Church and Benjamin Street. Water services were repaired later that evening, but multiple roads were damaged and are now left in need of repair.

The Fowlerville Village Council met on Monday to discuss a potential road project to repair North Grand Avenue. The Department of Public Works crew leader, Cathy Elliott, stressed that the damages caused by the water main break presented a more pressing issue as opposed to repairing North Grand Avenue.

The DPW has already addressed three roads that are in need of repairs due to the water main break. The roads include Church Street, Cedar River Drive, and Daily Street. These repairs would consist of cleanup and possibly repavement. On Monday, May 29th, the DPW will be presenting their top priority road projects to the council for further action. (DF)