The company currently installing a natural gas pipeline through Livingston County is accused of failing to honor an agreement in Ohio concerning historic preservation.

Ohio’s State Historic Preservation Office says the Rover Pipeline agreed to pay $1.5 million annually for five years to pay for harm done to historic properties but hasn't made the first payment, which was due two months ago. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has jurisdiction over the project and has been asked to handle the dispute. Rover says some details about the agreement were misleading or wrong. It says it already contributed significant money, thinks further contributions are unwarranted, and will fight efforts to compel such payments. Rover already paid $2.3 million for tearing down an historic home in Carroll County, southeast of Cleveland.

The pipeline under construction will run from West Virginia into western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, before it turns north into Michigan, coming into Livingston County as it passes through Putnam, Marion, Iosco and Handy townships. (JK)