The Howell City Council met earlier this month to discuss adding sidewalk in areas of National Street to fill in gaps.

Council earlier directed staff to look at adding sidewalk on North National Street in the areas where it currently does not exist and gather estimates as to what it would take to fill in the gaps from North Street toward Thompson Lake.

Mayor Nick Proctor said he supported doing something to accomplish walkability and suggested that staff gather cost estimates to install sidewalk on just the east side or the most appropriate areas with the least budget impact. Depending on how the new estimates come back, the project might need to be moved to the 2018/2019 fiscal year.

Initial estimates were between $62,000 and $80,000 including restoration and some tree removals or trims. Pedestrian crossings were another topic of discussion. Staff initially proposed a pedestrian crossing on both sides of National Street prior to the railroad tracks to make it safe for pedestrian access. If the project is reduced down to one side, staff noted one challenge is that the railroad tracks currently only have pedestrian access on the east side but the smallest amount of sidewalk is on the west side. (JM)