Howell High School seniors shared their future plans Thursday with a parade across school grounds celebrating where they’re headed.

At the school’s first-ever “Decision Day” parade, seniors were categorized by their plans for after high school, and made their way across the football field displaying a flag emblazoned with their choices. Students shared where they’ll attend college or a university, or their plans to enter a trade program, the work force, or the military.

The event included three guest speakers, all with varying career and education paths, who offered advice. The seniors were encouraged to not be afraid to fail, to branch out and meet people who are different from them, and to work hard for what they hope to achieve.

School counselor Theresa Marcum says the goal was to help the seniors realize that “life doesn’t end after high school”. Curriculum planning was implemented into the students’ schedules early on to help them begin to think of their path or the basic field they want to get into.

Benjamin Frimodig will be attending Harvard University with plans to study sociology or government, and eventually attend law school. Frimodig says starting in 9th grade, guidance counselors began preparing him and the rest of his class by holding frequent meetings to discuss their goals. Frimodig says he never even considered applying to Harvard, but was encouraged by his counselor.

The high school also holds an application day where the focus is to help students apply to several schools or guide them in their plans to enter the military or workforce. Earlier this week, students took part in a “Teen Financial Reality Fair”, which taught them about budgeting based on their chosen career. (DK)