Reports of a student having a gun on a South Lyon school bus turned out to be unfounded but caused a disruption nonetheless.

Students were being dropped off at South Lyon East High School Thursday morning and the bus was headed to the middle school next. Before driving away, a student told the driver he heard someone a few rows back make comments about possessing a gun, a Glock specifically. Proper protocols were followed by the bus driver, who contacted the transportation department and administration.

The East High School Resource Office Deputy Tom Biggers was on site and was said to have responded immediately. Students were taken off the bus but were not made aware of the comment to not cause any unnecessary panic. Their backpacks and bags were subsequently searched by school officials and sniffed by a K-9 from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. No weapon was found and no one was injured. 35-40 middle school students missed their first hour class. Parents of students on the bus were contacted and a district wide notice to parents was issued as well.

District officials say safety is their first priority and reminded students that they should not joke or make comments about having a gun on a school bus. They further encouraged parents and caregivers to share that same message with their children. (JM)