An Ohio woman facing charges connected to credit card thefts from adult care and rehab facilities in Livingston County is set to be arraigned.

Warrants were authorized last month for 30-year-old Kyiona Renee Coley and 25-year-old Ieasha Jate Williams, both of Toledo, Ohio, who are wanted for the thefts that affected three healthcare facilities in Livingston County within a 10-day period in February.

Williams, who is charged with four counts of illegal use of a stolen financial transaction device, is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday. Court records indicate the warrant for Coley remains active. Coley is charged as a habitual offender, and faces one count of larceny from a building and five counts of stealing/retaining a stolen financial transaction device.

A previously-released surveillance photo from The Willows assisted living center in Howell depicts one of the suspects entering the facility on the afternoon of February 10th. The suspect, wearing a scrub-style shirt similar to what healthcare workers typically wear, is said to have entered the office of staff and stole numerous credit cards. The other suspect waited in a vehicle outside.

The stolen cards were used shortly after in Howell and at the Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor. After releasing the surveillance photo, one of the women was reportedly identified by a witness to a theft that occurred in Monroe County. Authorities say the two have been seen on surveillance video in other parts of the state and in Indiana and Ohio, also targeting similar facilities. (DK)