The Tyrone Township Board of Trustees has elected to continue their support towards making school and government material on television and the internet more easily accessible.

A presentation by the FACT Board which has members from the township and 7 surrounding municipalities and school districts revealed the effectiveness of their public, education, and government, or PEG, coordinator. The PEG coordinator handles many of the technical aspects around getting governmental and school programming on the local cable channel and internet, including keeping inventory of the equipment. Tyrone Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham was part of the program when it started 4 years ago and said it has progressed a lot in the time since. He said originally their televising program was in disarray, but now there is accountability and that it runs like a well-oiled machine. He said when the PEG coordinator first came on board, they didn’t know what they had for equipment. Now, a full audit is in place, inventory is done every year, excess and obsolete items are taken care of, and items that need to be fixed get fixed. The township now has a growing presence on Youtube, which was near non-existent in years past. Cunningham said that has been especially popular with parents and grandparents of students in local schools.

At the end of the presentation, the FACT Board representative asked the Board of Trustees for a renewal of the PEG coordinator’s contract, which would be $25,000 for 3 years. Tyrone Township’s stake in that would be $2,820. The Board agreed unanimous to the motion in favor of granting this renewal.(MK)